In the Hollow is a unique devotional tool featuring original nature images, powerful quotations and insightful commentary to create wonder, inspiration and joy. As you read each day you will be transported to woodlands, fields and hillside streams to soak in truths that will inspire meditation, confession and worship. Behind the camera Rich Earl has a natural eye for unusual and intriguing sights found in ordinary settings.


Never before have organic images been creatively connected with spiritual insights in such a dynamic way. Rich Earl makes a daily connection with the Creator both stimulating and exciting by writing wistfully and by carefully selecting quality images to magnify the meaning and ignite the imagination.


Entries are short and intended to be read daily, but you will find it difficult to not read ahead as you are drawn in by the fascinating images and make your own connections with the provocative thoughts. Allow the thoughts to act as seeds for meditating upon the goodness of God throughout your day.


In the Hollow Volume One Winter is the first in a series of four seasonal volumes.

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In The Hollow: Winter (3 Books)