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We have no record of Samson ever calling the armies of Israel for help – he did it all alone.

Judges 13-16

Samson was a powerful and charismatic leader, but no one would consider him a team builder. Samson’s life and death were marked by a tendency to act impulsively, boldly and alone. There are no books being written based upon his unorthodox and solitary leadership style.

Samson acted with passion and showed little forethought before making his decisions. He had a calling from God and was known to call upon the Lord’s name, but only after he had made quite a mess of things. When he did turn to God’s people, because they had never learned to trust him, they handed him over to their enemies!

Not every Bible hero is worthy of emulation, but we can learn from them all. Asking for God’s guidance each day before making a decision, and teaming with others to accomplish His will are signs of wisdom. What would it look like for you to develop greater dependence upon God and to create greater community and team culture in your life?

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