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Religion is a guy in church thinking about fishing...

Religion is a guy in church thinking about fishing.

Relationship is a guy out fishing thinking about God. Unknown

Many of us wish we had applied ourselves more diligently during our youth in school. Those of us who had learning forced upon us may have failed to develop a hunger for learning or see the value of consistent study habits. But as adults, hopefully we discovered our own thirst for knowledge, reading and devouring new ideas like hungry rabbits.

Church is a little like school. My mom took me and my four siblings to church faithfully for our entire childhoods. Her goal was to develop the healthy habit, in hopes we would meet God along the road and remain on the narrow way. I drifted away from the church in my youth, but the hunger emerged later, and I reached for a Bible on my own, because I learned for myself how it was the bedrock of truth, and I needed that.

Church is a great place to commune with God, but it’s not the only place. The one who is bored in church may feel spiritually alive among the chipmunks or the trout. The community of faith is an eventual necessity, but the relational connection is what matters, not the ground of meeting.

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