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We never think that the sun, moon and stars will go wrong 

because man has nothing to do with the ordering of them.

Robert Cleaver Chapman

As children we have no appreciation for the burdens the adults around us bear. We are blissfully ignorant of their many responsibilities, challenges and frustrations. This is the joy of childhood, or ought to be. Adults feel the need to keep the world spinning, afraid that if we let our guard down the whole thing will go hurtling aimlessly off into space, and we will be to blame.

Think of all that must go right for us to even make it to work on time each day. Traffic lights, car ignitions, gas pumps, bank computers all must be working seamlessly for the machine of civilization to chug along. And we are a part of the vast array of machinations.

While we imagine the course of things depends so heavily upon us, consider that we understand little of the burden He carries on our behalf. Knowing we have a heavenly Father who keeps the universe in order can restore the joy of childhood to us, if we will allow.

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