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If I had not believed it, I would not have seen it.

Marshall McLuhan

Faith is the embryo of revelation, not the other way around. To the ones who believe, unspeakable things can be seen, but the skeptic will always have his view obstructed.

Certainly, it was within God’s power to provide unequivocal scientific proof of Christ’s birth, but He did not do that. Instead, He left breadcrumbs along the trail for us to follow. The hope that there is a better life, and a better world drives us farther down the path, and in a flash we believe.

Christmas is wretched and flat when faith is absent. A muddled fairy tale at best. But when we see and understand the purposes and power of the day, it becomes personal, and more glorious than the universe itself.

Sight follows faith. How many wish that God would come down and show Himself to the teeming multitudes of desperate humans? Once we believe the reality of His incarnation everything changes, and all things are possible.

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