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Bits of Pasture by JR Miller

JR Miller was a Pennsylvania boy and pastored several churches during the course of his ministry in the Presbyterian Church. Incredibly, he wrote over 70 books between 1880 and 1912, in addition to ably pastoring several churches and receiving his Doctor of Divinity degree.

He wrote a number of devotional books, but my favorite is Bits of Pasture. It is hard to come by and a search of Ebay, Amazon or Addall books will occasionally turn up a copy for a reasonable price. The key to obtaining copies of old books is patience and persistence. In addition to Bits of Pasture, he wrote several other devotionals including By the Still Waters, Come Ye Apart and Silent Times.

JR Miller Speaks clearly and concisely to the heart of the Christian. He was a thinker, and so he makes me think. Many devotionals are very wordy, but Bits of Pasture contains short entries of one or several paragraphs, and he does not waste words. He is practical and understands the human condition, as well as the Word of God. I always find something worth taking away for the day.

Here's a link to some of his books that you can read online

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