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If we find in ourselves a desire that this world cannot satisfy,

then we must be meant for another world.

C.S. Lewis

How many unfulfilled desires do we have? They range from the mundane, like a better job, more free time or a more organized home, to the higher things like peace of mind, healthy relationships or success. But life seems to always frustrate such pursuits, at least in part.

We find moments of peace and contentment and become elated with successfully completing a task and reaching a goal. But it does not take long for the elation to fade and a new desire rises to the surface.

Abraham was commended for “desiring a better country.” One whose foundations were set by God Himself. This desire was not met while Abraham walked this Earth but drove and guided him homeward. Driven by fear the untrusting avoid such “pie in the sky” ideas. They are too risky and unproven. But this kind of hope for another world has a purifying effect and can bring a delightful lightness to our steps.

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